Influenza Vaccinations

Influenza vaccination are available annually. Influenza can cause very severe illness, particularly in the elderly and in people with certain medical conditions.

  • We currently have Government funded 5 to 65 years and over 65 year old vaccines in stock. 
  • We will be contacting patients who had their last flu vaccination with Mount Beauty Medical Centre in the next few weeks to organise their 2023 vaccination. 
  • We also have Covid Booster vaccines in stock and will be offering this vaccination to those eligible patients (those who have not contracted covid in the past 6 months or who have had a previous covid vaccination in the past 6 months).

People considered to be at “higher risk” receive the vaccine free of charge at Mount Beauty Medical Centre through the Government’s immunisation program. They include:

  • anyone aged 65 or older
  • all ATSI individuals aged 15 and older
  • pregnant women
  • children aged 6 months to 5 years
  • individuals aged 5 years and over with medical conditions predisposing to severe influenza eg cardiac disease, asthma, diabetes

The Royal Childrens Hospital encourages Flu Vaccination for all children over 6 months of age. The RCH Kids Health info site has more about Influenza and children.

A new government initiative allowsthe vaccine to be free to everyone from 6 months to 65 years who wishes to be protected from influenza. This vaccination can be organised through the local Pharmacy or at the Medical Centre (while stocks last).

An appointment needs to be made for the administration of the vaccine. These appointments are bulk billed.

You may like to read more about Influenza here and about the Influenza vaccine here.