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Mr Damian Heman is also a new (and old) face to the practice. Damian is currently completing his student training through the University of New South Wales in Albury and will be working at both Mount Beauty and Falls Creek Medical Centres. Some of you will know that Damian is married to our lovely Dr Skye Delaney and they have lived in Mount Beauty for a few years now. Damian will be available to see patients in consultation with one of our supervisor doctors. We hope that you will welcome Damian and be happy to assist with his training.

MeasureUP Bone Scan

What a great result we have had from the MeasureUp bone scan program. 28.9% of patient results were deemed as normal, 53.3% had abnormal readings for Osteopenia and 17.8% with abnormal readings for Osteoporosis. We can now assist patients with the abnormal readings on the road to healthier bones. We will be providing this service again next year.  


Have you checked out (and liked) our Facebook page? We try and keep this page as informative as possible with photos to show what our team may be up to. The latest posts include photos of Dr Nalin and Damien Heman. If you have any feedback on the page or the practice we are always keen to hear from you.

New Equipment for the Practice

The Medical Centre has just purchased two very expensive pieces of equipment – a new digital Xray developer and a new Ultrasound machine. We hope that access to this equipment will help reduce the need for our patients to travel to Albury/Wodonga or further for treatment. Thanks to our practice principals Mark and Jeff for their commitment to the practice and community.



We are “busting at the seams” so over the next few months, we will be adding a couple of new rooms to the back of the existing building. The planning permit has been approved so we are waiting on the final building permit approval before work begins in mid February. These rooms will help accommodate our new students and hopefully provide greater access to existing services. We will try and keep noise and distractions to a minimum and we thank the community for their understanding while this building happens.



Australian Hearing will be visiting the practice in April, so if you would like your hearing checked please let the doctor know and a referral can be organised. It only takes 15 minutes, measures what sounds you can and can’t hear and is free for all pensioners and veterans. If you have thought about your hearing and haven’t done anything about it, a hearing check is all it takes to give you peace of mind.


During 2016 we will be going through Radiation (Xray) accreditation for both Mount Beauty and Falls Creek Medical Centres. Passing this accreditation ensures that all our Xray processes meet the many standards set by the Australian Government Department of Health - Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme. These standards cover safety and governance, registration and licensing, equipment, infection control, consumer consent and information, patient identification and matching, medication management, xray techniques, communication, results and consumer feedback and complaint processes. To help us with this process we will be confirming and updating all patients medical and demographic information. We can then be assured that the information we have is current and correct. Thankyou for your help with this process.


The Federal Government's freeze on Medicare rebates will directly impact on you. The freeze will mean that the rising costs of providing a Medical service over the next 3 years will be passed onto you. Any fee increase will incur a larger gap payment. We encourage all of our patients to send a letter of complaint to the Minister of Health and there is one ready for your signature on the front desk. If you care about the increasing cost of medical services, please fill out the letter and we will send it for you.


Don't forget that it is really easy to check out what appointments are available over the coming months by logging into our website and clicking on the “click here to make an appointment online”. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have registered (you only need to register once) you will be able to make your own appoint.


We would like to welcome Mr Neil Hodge to our practice. Neil is a social worker who will be providing counselling services one day per week from the practice. Welcome Neil.

We would also like to welcome back our winter locum - Dr Leo Smith. Leo has been coming to our practice for many years and is now part of our winter furniture. Welcome back Leo.

We have two "new" faces at the Medical Centre and some may recognise either one or both of them. Dr Nalin Gunawardana has returned to the practice for 20 weeks to complete his Medical Intern training. Nalin was with us for 12 months in 2014 as a medical student and it is wonderful to see him back and catching up with some of his previous patients.

Dr Nalin will be available to see patients at Mount Beauty Medical Centre on Tuesday and Thursdays and will be spending the other three week days helping with the patient load at Falls Creek Medical Centre. Welcome back Nalin.