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We have been very lucky to obtain the services of two very qualified doctors that will be helping us out over winter. Dr Ken Koh will be working with us through July and Dr Dave Emonson will be here for 3 weeks in August and a couple of weeks in September. We will also have Dr Ewa Lisik returning to work with us every Friday through July and August. This will still leave us a bit short over winter so we would like to encourage you to check your medications, see what other issues you may want addressed and organize an appointment in May or June before it gets really busy. We hope you understand and help us through this busy period.


Have you had your flu shot yet? You may be entitled to a free vaccine if you have a chronic medical condition including diabetes and asthma, are currently pregnant or over the age of 65 years. We are currently holding our flu clinics so please check with the doctor and book your appointment. You may also be entitled to a free Pneumovax available for all patients aged 65 and over so please discuss this with the doctor.


Have you made your appointment for a bone scan referral? As part of our ongoing commitment to patient care, we have arranged for a specialist bone density scanning service to visit the Mount Beauty area on the 29th May through to the 2nd June 2017. This service is free for you if you are over 70 as it is bulk-billed with no gap. (If you have had a bone density scan elsewhere in the last 12 months, you do not need a scan now). Even if you are healthy, having a scan is advisable because osteoporosis is common and has no visible symptoms. It affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men. If you are interested in having a scan, please discuss this with your doctor. A referral from the doctor is required as well as an appointment time with the MeasureUp team.


We would like to inform all our patients that smoking is not permitted in the practice, outside the front door or in the car parking area. We have a total smoke free environment and we hope our patients understand and comply with our protocol.


As part of their commitment to the community the partners of the practice, Dr Mark Zagorski and Dr Jeff Robinson are frequently asked to support other programs, community activities and local sporting clubs. This is the list of donations so far this financial year:

·     Mount Beauty Power Cricket Club

·     Dederang Cricket Club

·     Dederang Mount Beauty Football and Netball Club

·     Neighbourhood Centre

·     Christmas Party for Kids

·     Alpine Health – Bike 3 times Falls Creek

·     Farmers Federation

·     KVSSP & MBMC young athlete and performing sponsorship

Over 75 Years Health Assessment

Are you over 75 and have not been invited to have a free Health Assessment? Our lovely nurses would love to see you to complete this assessment. This is also a health promotion initiative which may help identify any health issues before they become a problem for you.  Please discuss having a health assessment with your doctor or with one of our nursing staff.

Shingles Vaccine Free For 70-79 Year Olds

The shingles vaccine is provided free of charge to people aged 70 to 79 years, subject to vaccine supply. We have organized several “shingles vaccination clinics” over the past few months. If you have not been contacted and would like to have this vaccination please ask our receptionist when the next vaccination clinic will be held. The risk of Shingles increases as a person gets older so we hope that if you fit into the age group that you take advantage of the free vaccine.


During 2017 we will be going through the process of achieving accreditation of Mount Beauty Medical Centre (this occurs every 3 years). The accreditation process involves passing a complex set of standards set by the Royal Australian College of General Practice and takes around 9 months to complete. The accreditation process includes providing relevant staff training, updating protocols and policies and strict adherence in areas such as sterilisation, infection control and patient privacy. We also are required to do a patient survey which allows our patients to comment on specific aspects of our practice including staff efficiency, services provided and general comments on how we treat our patients. We hope that you will be willing to offer your suggestions and ratings when requested.


Don't forget that it is really easy to check out what appointments are available over the coming months by logging into our website and clicking on the “click here to make an appointment online”. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have registered (you only need to register once) you will be able to make your own appointment.